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Change your thoughts – change your life - who has not heard this?

And yes, it’s true that thoughts have a powerful influence because thoughts create a feeling or emotion in our body, and that feeling determines what we end up doing. If I feel good, I’ll run toward it – if I feel fear, I’ll procrastinate. Makes sense

You might conclude that the quality of your thinking is where all your power lies – that if you just change your thinking your life will follow suit.

But I beg to differ – this has not been my experience.

Many years ago, I was a sad, disillusioned, highly educated, and unemployed teacher. I knew I had to get a job – any job to pay the bills. And so, one day, I left the comfort of my home during a snow blizzard and dragged myself downtown to meet with a job headhunter. Leaving the warmth of my home that day to find any job that wasn’t teaching, was the last thing I wanted to do. But that decision I made – that ACTION I took changed my life in ways you can never imagine.

It created a tectonic shift in my life.

The job I got was low paid and way below my qualifications – but that job led me to meet a woman who saw my gifts - I would end up working for her on an international project that would take me all over the world – that job would have me sitting in high-level meetings at the UN, The World Bank, and meeting Heads of State, Ambassadors and – the best part of all – my future husband!

That thought alone – I need to get a job - was not going to change anything.

What changed everything for me was TAKING ACTION – no matter how awful my thoughts felt.

Taking Action has caused tectonic shifts in my life.

If I’d never booked the flight and packed my bags, I’d never have traveled the world.

If I’d never sat in that dentist's chair, my British teeth would have gotten worse.

If I’d never taken the risk to talk to that handsome guy, I’d never have felt the deliciousness of desire and love

If I’d never spoken the truth that I had fallen out of love with him, who knows what kind of life I’d be living!

If I’d never risked putting my work and voice out there in my work, I’d never feel the confidence I feel now.

Thoughts alone won’t cut it. You can’t think your way into feeling confident, courageous, or love.

You’ve got to feel it in your body.

You've got to jump in the pool and swim.

You've got to get on the bike, to balance, it,

You've got to eat the food to taste it.

You've got to put your work out there to see what happens,

There's just no way around it - no shortcuts - no hacks. This is what’s going to create the tectonic shift you desire.

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