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Whenever I point out to my clients that they already have confidence within them, they nearly always come back with: Yeah, right! Well if that's true, then where's mine? How come I don't feel confident?

To which I reply You're covering it!

You're covering it with thoughts like:

I lack education and training

I have too much education and training

I'm not attractive enough

I don't look the part

I've always been this way

My teacher told me I was shy

I'm too young

I'm too old

I have proof because my husband ran off with someone else

I'm not the kind of person who speaks out

you can add your reason here....................................

A fellow coach I know (Natashia Swerdloff) describes these thoughts as our post-it notes that we cover ourselves with. And the more post-it notes we label and use to cover ourselves with is the way we make ourselves small.

What if you were to take off your post-it notes one by one? What if you were to see your post-it notes for what they are - just labels that we and others have given us, and like a good post-it note, they just got stuck there and hung around.

Many of my clients mistakingly think that confidence is something outside of them - that they need to find it and add it to themselves, or build it like a muscle.

How you uncover your confidence - how you reclaim and reconnect with that which has never really left you - is by taking away the post-it notes.

The transformation you desire is about UNCOVERING AND TAKING AWAY.

What lies underneath it all, is the real, ever confident you. You are so much more than your post-it notes.



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