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Are you good at passing tests? I’m not talking about SAT or driving tests, I’m referring to life tests?

One of the biggest tests I ever had to pass was when my partner of 13 years paid me a visit a few days after we had separated. I was in a very emotionally raw place because I knew I had to leave him, but I was still feeling scared and uncertain about my future.

And there he was standing in my living room begging me to come back to him. And just as he was about to kiss me and make it all better – just as I was about to surrender and take him back – in that one moment, I woke up and remembered how much I had suffered in that relationship. And I knew that if I went back to him, the life that I dreamed of having would be put to sleep once again (until my next test came around).

It was at that moment I passed the test – I decided and declared to the Universe that I ws committed to wanting something better.

Life is always testing us – dangling what we really want in front of us. Do you really want a great relationship? Do you really want a thriving business or career? How serious are you about what you want? Or do you want your cake and eat it too?

When I think back to that moment – standing in my living room in the arms of the man I wanted to leave – I could have gone back to him. I could have easily been seduced into thinking that it’s too risky to let him go and be left with nothing. But in that moment, the energetic force that I locked myself into was: Sorry, but it has to be goodbye - I've decided to go after the relationship I'm really wanting.

The questions that are always on the test are:

How authentic are you?

How honest are you with yourself and others?

How committed are you to what you really want?

Life’s tests are what make us a powerful magnetic force for the life we desire. Where are you being tested?

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