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As a coach, the habit of waiting is a big issue with my clients.

Waiting until they’re ready.

Waiting until they lose weight.

Waiting to feel confident before speaking up.

Waiting to launch a blog or podcast.

Waiting until they’re perfect.

Endless waiting.

We have no shortage of excuses – I should know, because I’ve also done a lot of waiting in my life. But I had an insight one day that I WAS THE ONE I WAS WAITING FOR.

My insight came after years of trying to manipulate and “work on” all of the above excuses. And wouldn’t you know, those excuses kept me busy and convinced that I was moving ahead, being responsible, and professional. When in fact, the real truth was that I was insecure and full of self-doubt. And all this led to years of hiding out and waiting.

I’m a true believer in learning how to do stuff well before showing the world or taking pride in how we look and feel in our body – there are skill sets we can learn - but not at the expense of putting your life on hold – not if you find yourself in a perpetual holding pen.

The same goes for people who are waiting for that special person to show up. They have a deep belief that they can't be happy until they're in a relationship. And so they wait and wait until they can allow themselves to feel happy. Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing could be more detrimental to attracting the very thing you desire.

WAITING is an OUTSIDE-IN way of thinking. It negates us from taking personal responsibility - to have AGENCY over how we show up in the world. And the beauty of my insight was that I saw clearly that the arrow was always pointing toward me - I was the common denominator in all that was showing up for me. - it was an INSIDE OUT JOB.

The world is waiting for us to come out and play. And the change (and life) we are desiring will not come if we wait for some other person or condition, or some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Change is an inside job.



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